DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2020-6-1-0-5

Psychological and pedagogical support of the scientific-research activity of students with disabilities at the university

The state policy of the Russian Federation in the education field of people with disabilities is aimed at providing opportunities to obtain the full-fledged higher education. Students with disabilities can obtain a specialty, which provides an opportunity to live worthily and maximize their self-fulfillment. However, the number of students with disabilities in the universities of the Russian Federation is significantly lower in comparison with foreign countries. Half of these students cannot adapt to the conditions of higher education and, for various reasons, terminate their studies. For successful adaptation it is necessary to provide psychological assistance to students with disabilities. The goal of the work is an experimental study of the psychological and pedagogical conditions for increasing the level of psychological readiness of students with disabilities and persons with disabilities for various types of educational and professional activities. The article presents an analysis of the main difficulties for students with disabilities identified during the implementation of the project on their psychological and pedagogical support in BSU. For this purpose, a diagnostic program has been developed to identify the levels of readiness of students with disabilities for research activities. At the second stage of the research, a program of purposeful development of components of self-organization of research activities of students with disabilities was developed and tested. The following directions of psychological assistance to such students are described: creation of special conditions for increasing the level of psychological readiness for students with disabilities to research activities; organization of work of psychological service specialists on the socio-psychological adaptation of students to study at the university; implementation of programs to overcome the internal complexes to ensure the psychological well-being of the individual; interaction with employers in order to assist students in building their successful careers.

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