DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2020-6-1-0-6

The problem and methods of teaching psychology to students of non-core specialties in higher education

In the last decade, the issues of innovative changes in education are becoming the highest priority. It is necessary to move from the knowledge paradigm to the paradigm that assumes an independent orientation of the student in the world of information and forms his/her professional competence. First of all, modern education should support objective trends of social development and be open to everything new. In this connection, scientific interest in the problem of personal (psychological) characteristics of the students to the development of their psychological competence is necessary for the successful implementation of their future professional activities. The work was done in order to show the possibility of using innovative technologies in teaching psychology to the students of non-core branches in a modern university, as well as to pay attention to the need to expand the volume of teaching those sections of psychology that are relevant to the areas of studying in the field of communication and human management. The article deals with innovative technologies of teaching psychology to the students of non-core branches, which are successfully used in the educational process by teachers and are based on the methods of psychological cognition of personality and human relationships. The main methodological approaches to the consideration of innovative technologies of teaching students, such as content, forms and methods of teaching are set out. The modern understanding of innovative teaching methods, their psychological essence and interdisciplinary nature of use in the educational process is revealed, the general methods of activation of mental activity of students in the process of teaching psychology are presented. It is shown that in the implementation of educational tasks of the new generation there is a need not only in modern technologies of the educational process, but also in changing the content of training of specialists of non-psychological branches to study the science of the laws of development and functioning of the human psyche.

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