DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2021-7-2-0-1

Preparedness of future teachers to fulfill professional and pedagogical duty

The phenomen of preparedness is considered in psychological and pedagogical literature as the basis for a conscious attitude to activity, as a condition for its successful implementation. The purpose of the work is to theoretically substantiate the author's representation of the structure of a teacher's preparedness to fulfill a professional and pedagogical duty. Methodology and methods: The methodological basis of the research was formed by axiological and competence-based approaches, the foundations of the essence of vocational education, professional ethics, deontology, professional deontology. The main research methods were theoretical methods (analysis, synthesis, comparison, systematization) and practical methods (questionnaires, testing, conversations, observation, analysis and modeling of pedagogical situations, etc.). The research involved the 4th year students of Voronezh State Pedagogical University. 160 people were interviewed. The article presents various points of researchers dealing with the problem of preparedness  (Dyachenko M.I., Kandybovich L.A., Mishchenko A.I., Slastenin V.A., Mazhar N.E., Serikov V.V., Grachev Yu.A. and others). When identifying the essence of the concept of "preparedness," emphasis is placed on the personality itself, its properties, abilities, attitude to upcoming activities, experience. Taking into account the fact that the article deals with preparedness of the teacher to fulfill their professional duty, which involves a motivational and value attitude to the pedagogical profession, understanding and accepting its significance and specificity, as well as awareness of the teacher's mission in solving the state task – training the future of Russia, it was necessary to turn to professional ethics, the main concept of which is just the pedagogical duty. The moral component in the preparation of the future teacher is considered as fundamental for the functioning of vocational and pedagogical duty. An attempt was made to develop its own version of the teacher's preparedness to fulfill professional and pedagogical duty, which, according to the authors, can be represented by moral and competent blocks, which, in turn, consist of a number of components and indicators.

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