DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2022-8-1-0-4

Development of youth civic engagement as a way to prevent destructive behavior

Introduction. The development of civil society in modern reality is impossible without the active participation of citizens in the public life of the country. The solution to a wide range of social problems depends on the degree of citizens' involvement in socially beneficial volunteerism. Young people are the most interested participants in social and socio-political movements in our country. The age characteristics of adolescence and the desire for young people to participate in various social movements make this age group the most interesting for studying the manifestations of both civic engagement and the susceptibility of young people to be included in the activities of various destructive organizations. Socially oriented behavior of young people and the level of their civic engagement can be of decisive importance in this context. The article examines the directions of the state youth policy, which provides for the creation of conditions for the upbringing of young people with a humanistic worldview. The aim of the study is to study the civic engagement of young people as a way to prevent destructive behavior. Methodology and methods of research – analysis of scientific research, analysis of the work of public organizations, charters of non-profit organizations operating on the territory of the Republic of Crimea, from the point of view of identifying the directions of their activities. As a result, the analysis of youth involvement in various public organizations is given, which showed that the main activities of youth associations are environmental and political movements, volunteer activities. The implementation of constructive political initiatives occurs through participation in the activities of self-government bodies, public chambers, the development and implementation of social projects, participation in election campaigns, scientific, educational, cultural and creative activities aimed at expressing their civic position. The opportunity to consider the development of civic engagement of young people as a way to prevent destructive behavior is associated with the potential of such associations and organizations to form ideas of patriotism, mutual assistance and support, tolerance and mercy.

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