The paper suggests establishing a separate sub-discipline on the crossroads of Applied Linguistics and Communication studies – Governance and Business Linguistics – a complex, interdisciplinary field for researching the use of language in governance and business, and for exploring the verbal specifics of institutional communication. The discursive approach is adopted to provide the basis for the investigation, and the multi-level critical discourse analysis is used as its key research method. “2.0” implies the specific new opportunities given for improving institutional communication efficiency by modern IT, the Internet (Web 2), new, telecommunications, social networks, multimedia. The author starts exploring the field by investigating the corporate websites and blogs of the leading US companies – the paper explores the language of the corporate governance, leadership, internal and external specifics of the corporate communication. The paper argues that all companies can be classified into 4 discursive types identified by the author on the basis of the four types of social implications in their discursive rhetoric.

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