DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2020-6-2-0-8

Experimental study of psychological mechanisms of teacher training in their professional activities related to the training of gifted children

The scientific article explores the mechanisms of psychological training of teachers in professional activities related to the training of gifted children usingthe content-analysis method. The article is aimed at identifying the categories of analysis, the calcilation of their indicators, as well as the amount of each type of speech in each of the five-day sessions. In the course of the content analysis, four groups of categories were identified. The first group of the category expresses psychological concepts, changes in the personality of the teacher as a subject of pedagogical activity and communication, the results of psychological training. In the second group of the category, the teacher assessed various aspects of the training process of the facilitator or personal training activity. The third group in the category covered teachers' opinions about the course at the end of the session. The fourth group includes non-differentiated expressions. The division of labor into each category and its indicators were considered. In the first stage of the course, both theoretical and practical part of the analysis of the subgroup categories of the four groups was carried out, the results were summarized and reflected in the tables and diagrams. The second phase of the course was conducted after the classes, and materials on the development of students' creative activity and the application of technology were obtained. The content analysis method was used in the experiment. Two main category groups have been identified in the application of content analysis. In the first group of categories psychological concepts are expressed. Some changes in the personality of the teacher as a subject of communication and pedagogical activity, as well as the results of training were characterized. In group II of the categories, the teacher's assessment of various aspects of personal learning activities and the “Process” group are presented. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the group categories indicated in the study (daily classes) are given in the research. At the end of the research, the author concludes that innovative processes in the modern education system require the teacher to improve his/her professional activity not only at the level of its methods and mechanisms, but also at the level of orientation and wealth values.

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