DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2022-8-3-0-3

Development of the idea of patriotic education of students through school songs in China

Introduction. The relevance of the study is determined by the increasing need for patriotic education of young people in modern Chinese society. In this regard, vocal art, as well as the genre of school songs, in particular, have a powerful pedagogical potential. Purpose: identification of the features of the development of the idea of patriotic education of students through school songs in China (1920s to the present century). Materials and methods: the theoretical basis of the study was the works of outstanding Chinese composers and teachers of the 20th century on the role of music and song in the patriotic education of young people. The research methods included the retrospective analysis of the issues of patriotic education in China; the theoretical and comparative analysis of the approaches of Chinese scientists to the implementation of the process of patriotic education in music lessons at school. Results: The periodization of the formation of the school song genre, which laid the foundation for the idea of educating patriots through songs during school music lessons in China, is presented. The results of comparative analysis of the works of Chinese researchers have shown that the idea of patriotic education has evolved within this genre throughout the twentieth century, reflecting the main events in the history of Chinese society. The features of the school song of the first half of the twentieth century related to military themes aimed at educating defenders of the Motherland are highlighted. The characteristic of the stages of updating the themes of school songs after the formation of the PRC is given. Since 1949, school songs have been dominated by pictures of peaceful life, praising the beauty of native nature, family values, labor feat, without losing their patriotic character. Conclusion. The idea of patriotic education through school songs in China has evolutionary nature. Despite the difference in themes, all songs of this genre have patriotic orientation and contribute to the education of citizens who are sincerely devoted to their native country.

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