DOI: 10.18413/2313-8971-2022-8-2-0-2

On the problems in preparing students of the specialty “Physical Education” to participate in the WorldSkills Russia professional skills competition

Introduction. The introduction of the competence “Physical Culture, sports and fitness” into the competence for participation in the WorldSkills Russia championship necessitated the analysis of conditions and generalization of the accumulated experience of preparing students for this event. The theoretical analysis of the sources confirmed the insufficiency of research on the identification and interpretation of problems related to the target, content, methodological, organizational, resource readiness of secondary vocational education organizations to participate in the championship. The purpose of the article is to identify problems in preparing students of the Department of Physical Culture of Belgorod Pedagogical College to participate in the competition of professional skills according to WorldSkills Russia standards. Materials and methods: a theoretical comprehensive analysis of literature, standards of the Federal State Educational Standard of Secondary Vocational Education and WorldSkills Russia; generalization of the experience of the teaching staff of Belgorod Pedagogical College (25 people); interpretation of the results of the activity of focus groups from among the representatives of scientific and teaching staff of Valuisky and Starooskolsky pedagogical colleges and the Faculty of Physical Culture of Belgorod State National Research University. As a result, the stages of work of the teaching staff are described, the changes in the modules of curricula for the specialty "Physical Education" are listed, the problems of compliance with modern requirements of WorldSkills Russia are identified: insufficient preparedness of the teaching staff of a professional educational organization; insufficient material and technical support of professional educational organizations; expensive certified sports equipment and inventory, which must be updated almost every year; constantly changing criteria for evaluating competitive tasks. Conclusions. WorldSkills Russia for the specialty "Physical Education" significantly expands the volume of educational material, helps to successfully solve the problems of improving the quality of training specialists, improves professional skills, develops professional and creative thinking of students, contributes to the formation of experience of creative activity in the professional sphere in accordance with the challenges of our time.

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